Secretary of State

Jenna Griswold

has been giving kickbacks
to her political allies

Tell Jenna Griswold kickbacks

don’t belong in Colorado!

by supporting Pelosi and Schumer’s S.1 – The “Corrupt Politicians Act”

PARTISAN POWER GRAB: S.1 takes control of elections away from Colorado and places it in Washington D.C. This bill steals power from Colorado voters, violates Americans’ First Amendment rights, and is designed solely to protect Democrat politicians. [1]

WELFARE FOR POLITICIANS: S.1 would allow the government to spend billions in public subsidies to fund political campaigns, even those receiving money from private donations. Politicians would get government funding for their campaigns. [3]

BIPARTISAN OPPOSITION: Even Democrats are saying this bill isn’t about restoring faith in our elections, it’s about “seeking a partisan advantage” that would “destroy the already weakening binds of our democracy.” [4]

UNDERMINING ELECTIONS: S.1 would delay Colorado election results, and overturn existing laws on ballot signature verification and voter ID. Despite these extreme proposals, Jena Griswold still supports this radical bill. [2]


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