(DENVER) – Former single-term Colorado Treasurer and Deputy Mayor and Chief Financial Officer of the City of Denver Cary Kennedy announced her bid for Governor today on a “Facebook Live” video. In the video, Kennedy announces she’s driving home from her child’s school and proceeds to do so, while consistently looking at her dash.

While exiting the vehicle to conclude the announcement while standing in front her garage door, the camera briefly pans to the dash of her car where copious notes are taped up for reference purposes. This is clearly not the most safe of driving practices.

The cringeworthy announcement is worthy of a vignette in a television program like “The Office” or “Parks and Recreation.”

​“Cary Kennedy driving near a school with notes taped to her dash to announce her run for Governor is not an optimal way to start,” said Kelly Maher, executive director of Compass Colorado. “We hope she’ll focus on Colorado more than she focuses on the road.”