Sen. Daniel Kagan made the right decision for the women of the state Senate in stepping down. There have been threats, student walkouts, and lockouts in a Weld County School District. It ... READ MORE
DENVER— Yesterday Sen. Daniel Kagan (D-Cherry Hills) announced his intention to resign effective January 11th. Kagan’s resignation comes amid sustained pressure to apologize for repeated use of a women’s restroom ... READ MORE
Well, in a lengthy letter (j/k not really) Sen. Daniel Kagan has decided to resign his position in the Senate. This whole "Hickenlooper running for President" thing is real real, y'all.  ... READ MORE
The Feds are now pushing back against Denver's idea for "safe injection" sites comparing them to "crack houses."  The town of Fruita is banning smoking in public places.  Former Speaker ... READ MORE

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A letter, published by CPR, written by Rep. Melton to one of the women he assaulted at the time right after he broke her tailbone makes it clear he needs to own ... READ MORE
The Gazette has a great piece this morning about how conservatives need to learn to talk to the new Denverites. Worth a read. The Governor and the Colorado Energy Office ... READ MORE
Looks like Cory Gardner has a different solution to deal with student loan debt. One that is much more reasonable than Jared Polis' "cancel it all" plan. Democrats swooped in and ... READ MORE
Cory Gardner has his first official Democrat opponent. Good. The more Dems in that primary the better. Oil and gas has only just begun to fight.  Steve Schuck makes some great points ... READ MORE
DENVER - Today, Nancy Pelosi was nominated Speaker of the House by the House Democrat Caucus. She emerged as the nominee from the meeting unopposed after hours of favor-swapping and ... READ MORE
Jared Polis says he wants a 3-5% decrease in the state income tax? Hadn't heard that one on the trail, but we'll be interested to see if he follows through with ... READ MORE
DENVER - Student loan “forgiveness” is again a top issue in national news and Governor-elect Jared Polis owes Coloradans an explanation about his support of canceling student debt and a ... READ MORE
(Denver, CO) - Now that the 2020 election cycle has begun in earnest, all eyes are on the state of Iowa as prospective Democrat challengers to Donald Trump emerge. Governor ... READ MORE