Denver, CO – Once again, Jared Polis has been caught giving wildly conflicting responses to questions about critical policy proposals. When pressed for answers as to how Congressman Polis intends ... READ MORE
Polis announced the "details" of his health care proposal - and by "details" I mean "lack of details." Jefferson County has eliminated the business personal property tax and will now ... READ MORE
DENVER, CO - Congressman and gubernatorial candidate Jared Polis released more “details” of his health care proposal yesterday. His proposal to address one of the most critical issues facing Colorado ... READ MORE
Maybe to try to muddy the waters on exactly who is or is not showing up to meet their potential constituents: Democrats have now taken to creating dummy events and ... READ MORE

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The Colorado Springs Gazette called it - we need an AG who has actually tried cases in court - preferably, many cases. Diane Mitsch Bush says she hasn't yet taken a ... READ MORE
Jared Polis came out with the first candidate-run negative ad of the gubernatorial general. And it's already being called "misleading." Hillary Clinton is coming to town for the Democrat's coordinated ... READ MORE
Where does Jared Polis stand on the water issue? We can't really tell, and think that's a problem. Sign the petition to ask for a clear water policy.  In addition to Jared ... READ MORE
Denver, CO - With less than two months until Colorado voters choose the state’s next leader, Jared Polis is still “out to lunch” on water policy. His website and positions ... READ MORE


The big news this weekend was the Club 20 debates. Walker Stapleton showed up alone and won the day. What exactly WAS Jared Polis doing? (A little less than) two months ... READ MORE
What's important to Jared Polis is important.  There's still time, incidentally, for Jared Polis to make it to Club 20. We still hope he changes his mind. Join us by ... READ MORE
(DENVER) - Longtime Colorado politico Adam Johnson joined the Compass Colorado team this week. As a 4th generation Colorado native, Johnson began his political career serving on Governor Bill Owens' ... READ MORE
So, Jared Polis spent the long weekend on a tour of the Western Slope in an attempt to mitigate the damage he did to his campaign with this Club 20 ... READ MORE