Programs designed to get people the help they need in our jails and prisons should be supported, and Coloradans should know why Jared Polis opposed this at the federal level ... READ MORE
Three news stories you need to know today: In a post-election interview, Kyle Clark asked Jared Polis about setbacks coming up in this legislative session in the wake of 112's ... READ MORE
The upcoming days and weeks will be filled with people (I’m sure I will be one of those people) trying to analyze and unpack last night’s results - ultimately, we ... READ MORE
Here’s what I’m watching for today: (These are Kelly's personal thoughts going into election day - like a standard disclaimer - these are all Kelly's 5am coffee-fueled thoughts and are ... READ MORE

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Denver, CO - After our revelation last week that Jared Polis’ business platform included plans to criminalize employment law and send business-owners to prison, (his words) Polis’ campaign responded to questions ... READ MORE
The Denver Business Journal asked Jared Polis about his idea to jail small businesspeople for employment law violations - and he doubled down. According to the DBJ: "Asked about the video, Polis’ campaign ... READ MORE
DENVER - If Jared Polis is elected governor and gets his way on policy, some business owners will be jailed. Although this might sound hyperbolic, it was a statement made ... READ MORE
Denver, CO - This week, Compass Colorado released a new television ad which highlights some of the potential real-world consequences of Jared Polis’ premier platform plank, “Medicare for all.” As ... READ MORE
The Gazette addresses lingering questions about the predator Phil Weiser helped to defend in court. Normally a slip of the tongue is just that, but I thought this was funny: on ... READ MORE
We asked how genuine Jared Polis' opposition to 112 really is? Well, a new video from Revealing Politics calls that even further into question. Adams County passed a last-minute moratorium on new oil and ... READ MORE
BRIGHTON, CO - Today the Adams County Board of County Commissioners voted 4-1 in favor of a 30-day moratorium on any new oil and gas permit applications within the county ... READ MORE
Question from a reader: "So, what's going on with returns? Who's winning?" Long story short - we don't know. Republicans are barely leading Democrats, but by less of a percentage ... READ MORE