Despite the insane weather event yesterday, the Colorado Senate stayed open and ran some highly controversial legislation while most people were trapped at home. Finally, Senators were asking people to email testimony ... READ MORE
Former Governor John Hickenlooper will officially announce his candidacy for Presidency tonight.  So, Colorado Public Radio is buying Denverite. A Broomfield employee might be fired for reaching out to the news to ... READ MORE
After almost 12 hours of testimony yesterday (and early this morning) the oil and gas omnibus bill passed its first committee. Criticisms from opponents included complaints the process is being forced ... READ MORE
The Colorado Civil Justice League points out that the way "Equal Pay" is written isn't actually about fairness.  Democrats are clearly in the middle of an existential crisis. Who will ... READ MORE

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Former Governor John Hickenlooper said this weekend that he's "not cut out to be a senator" - let's put a pin in that one and save it for later. Shall we? ... READ MORE
Our new Secretary of State Jena Griswold is calling for transparency for everyone . . . except for herself. The controversial "Safe Injection Site" bill that would have allowed for a ... READ MORE
Our friend Mark Hillman has some things to say - and we would all be wise to listen. The Jussie Smollett story is everywhere this week and those who jumped to ... READ MORE
There's been a lot of talk about the "straw ban" bill at the capitol. The current version of the bill would prevent municipalities from going further, and creating a patchwork ... READ MORE
Democrats are putting Red Flag up again this year. It's likely, without a Republican-controlled chamber or the Gov's office - that it (or some version of it) will pass.  Behind a ... READ MORE
Magellan has a new poll of Republicans out this morning. Usually, we just see polling of primary voting Republicans and then we pivot straight to the general - but this survey ... READ MORE
Colorado's new Secretary of State, Jena Griswold, ran on the promise of bringing an end to "Dark Money" (capitalization for dramatic effect) in Colorado. Will she continue with her crusade ... READ MORE
The anti-TABOR people are back at it. They're asking for a reconsideration. The Colorado Auto Dealers is suing to stop the implementation of California-style emissions standards. We'll be following that case ... READ MORE