The Colorado State Senate "worked" into the wee hours of the morning trying to ram through as much of the lefty agenda as they can accomplish in the next few days ... READ MORE
Who's calling the shots at the Polis administration? In some cases, it looks like the priorities are being set by outside liberal advocacy groups. Not a good look. One week left of ... READ MORE
Am I the only one who feels like this legislative session is a goat-rodeo dumpster-fire? Well, rent control is moving forward. The Lt. Gov's salary question is back and Sen. Rhonda Fields, the ... READ MORE
Well, in case you were wondering if Democrats are trying to get literally everything done they could possibly want this year so they hope everyone forgets about it by next year, ... READ MORE

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Rep. Galindo and her supporters quickly tried to frame her recall as a function of her race and sexuality, and not her vote to destroy the biggest economic driver of ... READ MORE
Senate Bill 181 (oil and gas) was laid over yesterday the same way it was on Monday. All eyes are on the Senate to see if the accept changes to ... READ MORE
Anyone who's been to downtown Denver lately knows that the homeless problem is getting worse. People are having a hard time knowing what's compassionate and what's good public policy. It's a ... READ MORE
Senator Donovan got called out by Kyle Clark and it's not a great look. (Video comes from Rally for Our Rights) Is importing drugs from Canada good policy? Can a County ... READ MORE
Yesterday it seemed like the Red Flag Bill was unraveling all day - even pitting Governor Polis against AG Weiser. By the end of the day, Senate President Garcia announced he ... READ MORE
So, the Senate has put off the Red Flag Bill for one more day (sorry, this is a paywall link - I couldn't find it elsewhere). Rally for Our Rights posted ... READ MORE
Despite the insane weather event yesterday, the Colorado Senate stayed open and ran some highly controversial legislation while most people were trapped at home. Finally, Senators were asking people to email testimony ... READ MORE
Former Governor John Hickenlooper will officially announce his candidacy for Presidency tonight.  So, Colorado Public Radio is buying Denverite. A Broomfield employee might be fired for reaching out to the news to ... READ MORE