Dark money liberals meddling in Senate primary caught lying to the New York Times

For Immediate Release
June 17, 2022

DENVER, CO – The dark money liberal Super PAC meddling in Colorado’s Republican Senate primary was called out by New York Times after they lied to the paper about their true intentions.

Democratic Colorado falsely claimed to the paper they were only producing ads mentioning one candidate, before reversing themselves mere hours after the New York Times published their story on Thursday:

But Ms. Vasquez said early this week that the group had only one target: Mr. Hanks, not the more moderate Republican in the primary, the businessman Joe O’Dea. On Thursday afternoon, after the initial version of this story was published, the group did unveil a new advertisement aimed at Mr. O’Dea, but not at his conservative credentials. Instead, the ad attacked him for contributing to Colorado’s two Democratic senators and supporting Mr. Biden’s spending plans, a signal to conservatives to oppose his candidacy.

The Bennet campaign declined to comment.

Democratic Colorado is on pace to spend over $2 million in their efforts to manipulate the June 28 primary.

If you plan on covering Democratic Colorado’s brazen lie to the New York Times, please consider the following statement from Compass Colorado.

The dark money liberals meddling in Colorado’s Senate primary can’t even keep their story straight,” said Compass Colorado Executive Director Kyle Kohli.

The only reason these liberals are lying to the press is because they can’t defend Michael Bennet’s record of reckless spending and the resulting affordability crisis in Colorado.”