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Denver, CO - This weekend, Jared Polis finally revealed his plans to fund his pie-in-the-sky campaign promises. Voters may not actually like it, but Polis came as close as we’ve READ MORE


Yesterday, we called on Jared Polis to stand up by asking Jovan Melton to step down. Then he did, kind of-ish, but watch the clip. Then anybody who called for READ MORE

Jared Polis: Disavow the extreme left’s violent rhetoric NOW

Denver, CO - In today's super-charged political climate it was expected that this election would become contentious, however we have witnessed many leaders within the Democrat party actively inciting violence READ MORE

Polis needs to step up and speak up

Denver, CO - It has been over 24 hours since the news broke that State Representative Jovan Melton (D-Aurora) has pled guilty to - and been arrested multiple times over READ MORE
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