DENVER – Today, Colorado Senate Republicans announced a new committee, the Select Committee on Energy and Environment, created specifically to bear a portion of the workload that may come from an expanded relationship with Washington under the Trump administration. The formation of this committee signifies the beginning of real progress that improves Coloradans lives, in lieu of the left’s obsession with detrimental government micromanagement. 

Newly minted Senate President, Sen. Kevin Grantham, selected Sen. Ray Scott, an expert on energy issues hailing from the Western Slope, to chair the committee. 

“We should be heartened that the Colorado State Senate leadership is taking this issue seriously,” said Kelly Maher, executive director of Compass Colorado. “Energy is a critical economic driver in the state, and every Coloradan enjoys the benefits of a clean environment. The new committee gives every indicator that a vibrant economy and a healthy environment will not be seen as mutually exclusive outcomes.”