(DENVER) – Today Washington liberals fielded their next candidate (read: sacrificial lamb) to challenge Congressman Mike Coffman in 2018.  Jason Crow, is the “next man up” to run in the consistently contentious race for Colorado’s sixth congressional district. As a combat veteran and Denver attorney, Crow fits the exact mold political insiders in the Democratic establishment have identified as their new ideal candidate.

After the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) pinpointed the attributes of their new ideal candidate, they scoured the country identifying as many as possible to take on Republicans. Although Crow currently resides in the first congressional district, he plans to move to take on Coffman.

In fact, this trend is so prevalent, four veteran Democrats declared their candidacy against Republican incumbents just today after attending the DCCC’s “boot camp” this weekend to prepare them for the rigors of a campaign.

In addition to Crow, those candidates include Josh Butner recruited to challenge Duncan Hunter (CA-50), Chrissy Houlahan challenging Ryan Costello (PA-6), and Daniel Helmer seeking the seat held by Barbara Comstock (VA-10).

“While we appreciate Mr. Crow’s service, it’s unfortunate for the Washington liberal elite that the ‘perfect candidates’ doesn’t just roll off a focus-grouped assembly line like little robots,” said Kelly Maher, executive director of Compass Colorado. “Colorado is a fiercely independent state, and the top-down, dictatorial, one-size-fits-all approach to candidate recruitment from controlling powerbrokers will backfire here. Coloradans are going to examine the policies advocated by a Nancy Pelosi pick in stark contrast to the independent values for which Mike Coffman consistently fights.”