(DENVER) – In the midst of an ongoing legal battle involving Colorado’s Secretary of State, Wayne Williams, and an investigation by Denver District Attorney Beth McCann, a donation McCann made to Williams’ opponent has surfaced, casting a political cloud over the proceedings.

McCann seized upon a politically motivated retaliatory complaint filed by a disgruntled activist, and instead of exercising appropriate prosecutorial discretion and dismissing it on its face, her office chose to refer it to a grand jury and drag out the proceedings. This politically benefits the only Democrat running against Wayne Williams, Jenna Griswold.

McCann personally donated to Griswold in the midst of these proceedings, showing both her bias and her lack of political judgment.

This isn’t the first time McCann has improperly used her office for political purposes – last year she scheduled a special fundraiser for Democrats in the Denver Crime Lab, and promptly had to cancel the event after Compass Colorado threw the flag.

“DA McCann shows, in donating to the opponent of someone her office is investigating, her political biases and lack of judgment,” said Kelly Maher, executive director of Compass Colorado. “These are serious legal matters with major ramifications, and McCann doesn’t even attempt to feign a lack of prejudice.”