Faced with rising crime and inflation, Democrats copy Commitment to Colorado ahead of 2022 midterms

For Immediate Release
January 10, 2022

DENVER, CO – The left must have seen some pretty terrifying polling data over the last month, because going into this year’s legislative session they have elected to literally copy key elements of conservatives’ Commitment to Colorado.

The Commitment, which focused on making Colorado more affordable, reducing crime, and expanding educational choice, was rolled out by Republicans last August and largely mocked at the time by Democrats.

“These are the meaningless talking points you come up with when you’ve gotten crushed in election after election,” said Matthew McGovern, executive director of the House Majority Project, a campaign arm of the state Democratic Party.

However, now Gov. Polis and Democrats in the General Assembly are singing a far different tune.

It isn’t difficult to understand why Democrats are attempting to make this election year pivot.

Since the summer, inflation and crime have only continued their troubling trajectories in Colorado.

Metro Denver consumer prices are inflating at the fastest rate since 1983, putting a squeeze on household budgets that will be harder to escape, according to a bimonthly update from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics [in December].

President Biden’s popularity, a key indicator of incumbent party performance during midterm elections, also continues to struggle in Colorado according to Civiqs.

Polis is apparently so concerned about the current political environment he went so far as to propose delaying the gas tax hike he signed into law just last spring. The hike, which was scheduled to take effect this July, would have came just months before the 2022 midterms.

This change in strategy, however, relies on convincing voters that Democrats are not responsible for the problems they are in many ways entirely responsible for creating.

If you’re covering Polis and Democrats’ press conference on their legislative priorities today, please consider the following quote from Compass Colorado.

Copying the Commitment to Colorado and pretending to care about crime and inflation is certainly a bold strategy for the left,” said Compass Colorado Executive Director Kyle Kohli.

Unfortunately for Democrats, voters aren’t stupid. Rising crime and inflation are a direct result of the left’s agenda, from Congress to the State Capitol.”