DENVER – Today, journalist Peter Marcus posted a piece on, a project of the Colorado Springs Gazette, posing the question “With Hillary out of the way, is Hick looking more presidential?” and outlining the Washington Post’s argument that in the current political environment, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper might be presidential candidate material.

Is Hickenlooper looking more presidential? After years of having to answer for his missteps – like lying to the Colorado sheriffs, and an unprecedented non-decision in the death penalty case of Nathan Dunlap – it seems like Hickenlooper has learned nothing.

Just two months ago, Hickenlooper was caught filming a fundraising plea for the partisan state senate fund from his official office – a big legal “no no.” In reposnse to a question about it raised by Colorado Public Radio? Hickenlooper just bushed it off as if it was no big deal and said he had no idea that it was a partisan, even though he used the group’s acronym in the video. 

“This isn’t a case of political relativism where all of a sudden Governor Hickenlooper looks like a great choice, he’s clearly not.” said Kelly Maher, executive director of Compass Colorado. “If Hickenlooper is being considered as presidential material by the Democrats it’s an indicator of just how shallow their bench has become.”