(DENVER) –  Yesterday, Denver attorney and combat veteran Jason Crow admitted his membership in a new training program created by the left’s congressional king-making organization, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC).

During a discussion with the Aurora Sentinel, Crow attempted to sidestep his ties to Nancy Pelosi and the DCCC.

“For his part, Crow said he wasn’t recruited by Pelosi or anyone else in the party to run against Coffman. “As a matter of fact I’ve never met (Pelosi) and I’ve never spoken with her. I’m nobody’s candidate expect (sic) for voters of the 6th Congressional District.”

But this “too-cute-by-half” response started to unwind as the Crow campaign was pressed by additional reporters. In an interview with Ernest Luning of the Colorado Statesman, a Crow campaign spokeswoman finally acknowledged Crow had attended a special “boot camp” for candidates identified as fitting the DCCC’s ideal mold:

“‘In fact, this trend is so prevalent, four veteran Democrats declared their candidacy against Republican incumbents just today after attending the DCCC’s ‘boot camp’ this weekend to prepare them for the rigors of a campaign,” Maher said, listing candidates in California, Pennsylvania and Virginia in addition to Crow. (A Crow spokeswoman acknowledged that Crow had attended the DCCC session, although she said it was Crow who reached out to the DCCC, not the other way around.)’”

[Emphasis added]

An article in Politico earlier this month outlined the DCCC’s latest efforts to identify candidates for their candidate factory:

“Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee leaders have already met with 255 potential candidates across 64 districts . . .”

In addition, the Politico piece includes the organization’s ideal biographical points:

“A rough profile of their ideal candidate has started to emerge: veterans, preferably with small business experience too. They’d like as many of them to be women or people who’ve never run for office before — and having young children helps.”

Crow’s admission of membership in the program comes immediately after canceling a scheduled interview with 9NEWS’ Kyle Clark on the day of his announcement. Clark is known in Colorado for asking tough questions of political candidates, and the cancellation indicates Crow was not prepared to handle the scrutiny.

It’s clear one of the training items at the DCCC’s special boot camp was digital campaign assistance. Of the four veteran congressional candidates fitting the DCCC’s ideal bio who announced against Republican incumbents yesterday, all four have exactly the same formatting for their website domains and twitter handles:

  • All website domains are <candidate name>forcongress.com
  • All twitter handles are <candidate name><state><district>

All the newly minted twitter accounts also had the same initial followers. Three of the four candidates who announced yesterday have their campaign bank accounts with Bank of America (including Crow), and Mr. Crow’s bank address and campaign custodian of records are located in Washington, D.C.

“Jason Crow is a combat veteran who served our country honorably with distinction, and for that we are deeply grateful,” said Kelly Maher, executive director of Compass Colorado. “In addition, he is also part of a large, expensive, targeted, and cynical program by Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic establishment at the DCCC to recruit cookie-cutter candidates with a specific set of biographical qualities and run them for office. The DCCC can’t simultaneously brag about their candidate factory to national media while Crow attempts to sidestep his involvement. This is Washington elites picking candidates for Coloradans and generally, that doesn’t work well here.”