It’s no secret Governor Polis is getting hammered by Colorado’s agricultural community for appointing deranged animal rights activist Ellen Kessler to the state’s veterinary board.

Kessler’s appointment to the state veterinary board is significant because the body “oversees artificial insemination and ova transplantation of cattle, a routine practice that has existed for over 60 years.”

In a 2018 reply to the Quora thread entitled “Does drinking milk kill your high?,” Kessler replied drinking milk would kill her high because she says it is produced by raping cows:

Kessler has also made several alarming claims about 4-H and livestock in now deleted Facebook posts, including one which suggested milking a cow was tantamount to sexual abuse.

“How can a professed vegan activist make unbiased decisions about veterinary matters in an industry she wants to dismantle?,” State Sen. Jerry Sonnenberg appropriately asked last month.

As it turns out, the better question might be “how can a vegan activist make unbiased decisions about veterinary matters in the livestock industry when she considers farmers to be murderers?”

In another reply to a Quora thread titled “What do you think of the Animal Rights Activist slogan ‘Meat is Murder’?,” Kessler wholeheartedly endorsed the slogan:

The “disruptions” referenced by Kessler are typically unlawful protests by animal rights extremists at state fairs and livestock shows.

In case there was any doubt about whether Kessler really believes “meat is murder,” she also compared farmers slaughtering cattle to a parent murdering their pre-teen daughter:

If you plan on covering Kessler endorsing the idea that “Meat is Murder,” please consider the following quote from Compass Colorado:

An animal rights activist who considers farmers to be rapists and murderers has no business overseeing anything related to Colorado’s livestock industry. Governor Polis should withdraw this nomination immediately.” -Compass Colorado Executive Director Kyle Kohli