Denver, CO – Tonight the United States Senate confirmed Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, with Senator Cory Gardner voting in the affirmative.

John Hickenlooper meanwhile has repeatedly refused to give a straight answer on whether he would support expanding the Supreme Court if he were elected to the Senate.

Throughout his short-lived presidential campaign and Senate run Hickenlooper gave confusing and often contradictory responses on the matter, but more recently suggested he would support the move.

“My decision on court packing depends on how these Senators decide. Not whether they approve it or not, but whether they put it off,” Hickenlooper said.

Most historians consider prior instances of court packing to be destabilizing power grabs “meant to enhance the power of the party controlling Congress, the presidency, or both.”

“I will be much more forthcoming once we get this thing past. I promise,” Hickenlooper said to reporters on September 23rd.

“This thing” has past and Amy Coney Barrett is now a justice on the U.S. Supreme Court.

If you are covering Hickenlooper’s position on court packing this evening, please consider the following statement from Compass Colorado:

Hickenlooper promised he would come clean on court packing once Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed, and now voters deserve an answer. If elected, will Hickenlooper pack the Supreme Court and destabilize American democracy?” -Compass Colorado Executive Director Kyle Kohli