DENVER, CO – Mayor Hancock’s hypocritical Thanksgiving trip is generating outrage across local, national, and even international press.

Hancock advised Coloradans to avoid traveling over Thanksgiving before getting on a plane to join his family in Mississippi on Wednesday.

Let’s take a look at what the press is saying about Mayor Hancock…

AP: “Democratic state Rep. Kyle Mullica, who is also a nurse, said Hancock’s decision damages his credibility.”

CNN: “The Mayor of Denver was incredibly selfish … shame on him.”

Fox News: “It was just Friday when the Mayor told folks in Denver to not do what he just did.”

Washington Post: “Denver’s mayor urged residents to avoid Thanksgiving travel. Then he flew cross-country to see family.”

Daily Beast: “COVID Hypocrites Like Denver Mayor Preach Safety, Then Gamble With Lives”

Colorado Politics: “Hypocrisy, thy name is Michael Hancock.”

Business Insider: “Hancock said in a November 20 press conference that people should avoid meeting up with family members for Thanksgiving and implied he would do the same.”

Denver Post: “the hypocrisy … risks delegitimizing pleas from public health officials to try to stop the spread of the surging coronavirus, experts and officials agree.”

NBC News: “Earlier in the day, the mayor tweeted public health guidance surrounding the Thanksgiving holiday that urged people to avoid travel if possible — a request the Democratic mayor acknowledged when explaining his own travel.”

CBS News: “As CBS News previously reported, Hancock on Friday suggested buying a small turkey for Thanksgiving and urged people to celebrate only with those they live with.”

ABC News: “He also advised residents to avoid travel ‘if you can’ and to host virtual gatherings this Thanksgiving in a social media post on Wednesday. Hancock did not mention his own plans to travel.”

9 News: “These times require leadership. If the Mayor doesn’t want to lead, he shouldn’t.”

9 News: “Security video shows [Hancock] sitting in Concourse C for 16 minutes before boarding his flight. He was also sitting at 8:43a, when his account tweeted to ‘Avoid travel, if you can.'”

BBC: “The Democratic mayor of the US city of Denver has apologised after breaking his own Thanksgiving travel advice.”

The Guardian: “…the Democrat ignored his own advice, and that of city and federal officials, by getting on a plane to spend the holiday with his wife and daughter.”

CBS Denver: “A lot of people are calling the Mayor a hypocrite.”

KDVR: “’It’s kind of disheartening, to say the least. It just doesn’t sit right with me,’ said Katie Calderone, a Denverite who chose not to travel to see her family this year.”

KKTV: “This is amazing.”

If you’re covering the fallout from Mayor Hancock’s Thanksgiving trip, please consider the following quote from Compass Colorado:

Whether it’s Governor Newsom in California or Mayor Hancock in Denver, Democrats across the country have shown they do not practice what they preach when it comes to public health.” -Compass Colorado Executive Director Kyle Kohli