Governor Jared Polis aggressively condemned the violent riots in Denver over the weekend, calling them “acts of criminal terrorism”:

The rioters started numerous fires, vandalized storefront property, and set an American flag ablaze on Saturday evening:

Colorado Democrat strategist Ted Trimpa also applauded Polis and Mayor Hancock for taking a stand against the rioters.

Law enforcement has not yet specifically identified the group responsible for the destruction, but multiple accounts have connected the riots to ANTIFA and black bloc left-wing extremists. The violence is also reportedly connected to riots in other major cities, according to Mayor Hancock.

“The anarchists that showed up last night brought weapons, they had guns, explosives, axes, machetes, they had one intent purpose and that was to harm our officers,” Murphy Robinson, Executive Director of the Denver Public Safety Department said on Sunday.

U.S. Senate candidate John Hickenlooper, however, has remained conspicuously silent on the matter despite tweeting about the officer involved shooting in Kenosha, Wisconsin earlier today.

Hickenlooper has built his political career around avoiding difficult public stands at all costs, so his reluctance to speak out isn’t entirely unsurprising.

However, he can’t avoid this topic, especially considering the obvious threat these terrorist anarchists pose to public safety in Denver. With his continued silence, Colorado voters are left to wonder:

Will John Hickenlooper condemn the Denver riots as acts of terrorism?