Democratic Candidate for CU Regent agrees

DENVER — In a jaw-dropping moment of online bullying, Democrat consultant Laura Chapin called Americans for Prosperity Colorado state director Michael Fields “white boy.”  

The problem with Chapin’s tweet? It’s blatantly racist. Fields is biracial.

Chapin has consulted for several liberal groups, including NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado and Colorado Wins. Though she stands by her racist tweet, Fields responded with class: 

To make matters worse, Democrat CU Regent candidate Alice Madden, who knows Fields from his time as a student at the University of Colorado, “liked’ the racist tweet. 

Kelly Maher, executive director of Compass Colorado, released the following statement about Chapin’s racist tweet: 

“Calling a biracial, professional man, ‘white boy’ is disgustingly demeaning,” said Kelly Maher of Compass Colorado. “Disagreement on policy is one thing, but this signifies a new low of gutter politics. If Fields had been the director of a liberal organization, and Chapin was a Republican, she would never work in this state again. Alice Madden ‘liking’ this activity just adds insult to injury, as she is running to be a leader at an institute of higher education. It’s just so gross.”