Democratic State Senator Dan Kagan lied about his repeated use of the women’s bathroom at the State Capitol?

Colorado State Patrol forced to create separate key card category at Capitol to block Kagan from women’s restroom   DENVER - Responses to a recent Colorado Open Records Request (CORA) filed by Compass Colorado with the Colorado State Patrol following allegations Democratic state Senator Daniel Kagan repeatedly and inappropriately used a women’s restroom,

April 5th, 2018|All, Press Release|

Our veterans deserve better

In case you thought that the Democratic gubernatorial primary field was solidifying . . . John Fielder (yes, the famous photographer) and a local pipefitters union are endorsing Cary Kennedy over Jared Polis. Our veterans deserve better than this VA hospital fiasco. They should be getting the best care our country has to offer. Why shouldn't we put the

January 16th, 2018|All, The Flare|

They’re going to FeelTheBern in new and ouchie ways

The Denver Post Ed Board condemned the protesters who camped out in front of Cory Gardner's house on New Year's Eve. Good for the Post. I wonder how all those FeelTheBern caucus-goers are gonna feel about the party elites handpicking Democrat candidates and urging others out of the way. I bet it's not good. Jared Polis is

January 9th, 2018|All, The Flare|

Perlmutter reconsiders a run at his congressional seat?

(DENVER) - Dropping his final reporting bomb into the Colorado scene before leaving for a new job, ColoradoPolitics’ Peter Marcus reported this morning that Congressman Ed Perlmutter is reconsidering his choice to exit the race for his congressional seat. Congressman Perlmutter chose not to run for reelection when he filed a bid for Governor. State

August 11th, 2017|All, Press Release|

Short on specifics, Tom Sullivan is hoping voters don’t ask

DENVER – In the battle for control of the Colorado State Senate, every race is critical. Beyond the political battles at hand, candidates in swing districts across the state find themselves engaged in battles of ideas on how best to move Colorado forward.That is, except for one crucial race.Senate District 27, encompassing Aurora, Centennial and

October 27th, 2016|All|

Far-left, politically ambitious, dark money Hickenlooper v. Centrist “awww, shucks” Hickenlooper

DENVER – Late last week Governor John Hickenlooper released an ad boosting four Democrat state Senate candidates with the national “social welfare,” dark-money, not-for-profit, America Votes. America Votes is reported to be funded in large part by George Soros, a massive donor for far-left and socialist causes. In fact, according to Wikileaks emails, Hillary Clinton’s staff considered

October 24th, 2016|All|

Wikileaks: Alice Madden really wants to be your Lieutenant Governor, er . . . make that CU Regent

DENVER – Wikileaks’ latest release of Hillary Clinton campaign Chairman John Podesta’s emails includes an absolute bombshell of a revelation that could turn a Colorado statewide race on its head. Democrat candidate for CU Regent at Large Alice Madden wrote Podesta in November of last year regarding Governor John Hickenlooper’s impending lieutenant governor vacancy, and who might best

October 24th, 2016|All|

US News and World Report contributor refuses to apologize for racist tweet

DENVER — Colorado Democrat consultant and US News and World Report contributor Laura Chapin still has not apologized for a racist tweet she issued last Friday.  Chapin, who also consults for 6th Congressional Democrat candidate Morgan Carroll, called Americans for Prosperity Colorado state field Michael Fields “white boy” on Twitter. Fields is biracial. Democrat candidate for CU Regent

October 4th, 2016|All|