(DENVER) – Dropping his final reporting bomb into the Colorado scene before leaving for a new job, ColoradoPolitics’ Peter Marcus reported this morning that Congressman Ed Perlmutter is reconsidering his choice to exit the race for his congressional seat. Congressman Perlmutter chose not to run for reelection when he filed a bid for Governor. State Senators Andy Kerr, Dominick Moreno and State Representative Brittany Pettersen are all locked in a primary to succeed him.

Shortly after fellow Congressman Jared Polis entered the gubernatorial race, Congressman Perlmutter dropped out, citing his frustration with politics altogether and his exhaustion at the entire process. Perlmutter changing his mind and reentering his previous seat would throw the three Democrats who have been out campaigning and raising money for the contest into a hard position, along with those running for their seats, and is an indicator that Colorado Democrats are lacking any kind of real leadership.

“People from Colorado’s Seventh Congressional District deserve better representation than someone who uses the office as a fallback if their first choice doesn’t work out,” said Kelly Maher, executive director of Compass Colorado. “Congressman Perlmutter has indicated he no longer has the fire in his belly for politics, but why would the people in his congressional district even want representation from someone who sees the office as merely his contingency plan?”