DENVER — Colorado Democrat consultant and US News and World Report contributor Laura Chapin still has not apologized for a racist tweet she issued last Friday.  

Chapin, who also consults for 6th Congressional Democrat candidate Morgan Carroll, called Americans for Prosperity Colorado state field Michael Fields “white boy” on Twitter. Fields is biracial. Democrat candidate for CU Regent Alice Madden “liked” Chapin’s racist tweet shortly after post. Unlike Chapin, Madden has apologized for liking the racist tweet, telling The Colorado Independent’s Corey Hutchins: 

“I didn’t realize I liked

[Chapin’s racist tweet] and I apologize for the implication. I take that responsibility.” 

Madden later tweeted: “Did not realized (sic) I liked this & do NOT condone.” 

“If Laura truly made a mistake, she would have apologized by now. Her silence proves that her tweet wasn’t a mistake, it was just racist,” Kelly Maher, executive director of Compass Colorado said. “US News and World Report should hold their contributors to higher standard and immediately fire anyone who perpetuates such racist comments. Likewise, Chapin’s Colorado political clients, especially Morgan Carroll, should immediately distance themselves from Chapin’s vitriolic and racist comments.”