DENVER – Late last week Governor John Hickenlooper released an ad boosting four Democrat state Senate candidates with the national “social welfare,” dark-money, not-for-profit, America Votes. America Votes is reported to be funded in large part by George Soros, a massive donor for far-left and socialist causes. In fact, according to Wikileaks emails, Hillary Clinton’s staff considered sending her to an America Votes fundraiser at Soros’ house “to make him
[Soros] happy.”

Governor Hickenlooper – who feigns a penchant for bipartisanship and has been a major beneficiary of divided government – created this ad with national, dark-money, America Votes, and once again indicates his higher political aspirations. The clear goal of the ad is to influence outcomes in the top four targeted state Senate races and sway voters to try to shift the Senate majority back to Democrats.

Hickenlooper, who has served only two of his six years with the legislature controlled by a single party, had an incredibly hard time maintaining his centrist credentials during that time. He would only cut such an ad to “kiss the ring” of major donors (such as Soros) and if he believed the ad’s success would keep him from having to serve the remainder of his term with single-party rule.

“Governor Hickenlooper is attempting to sell a rational, divided and independent legislature down the river for his own political ambitions,” said Kelly Maher, executive director of Compass Colorado. “We know Hickenlooper is being whispered about for a cabinet position in a Clinton White House, so if he has to abandon his centrist persona in order to curry favor with radical leftist donors like Soros he doesn’t care who he has to step on to reach the next rung of the political ladder.”