DENVER — Today, Colorado House Democrats announced new “equal pay” legislation that would require all state contractors to pay men and women in similar positions the same, regardless of experience or quality of work.  

“House Democrats live in a world devoid of reality,”  Kelly Maher, executive director of Compass Colorado, said. “Employers consider a variety of factors when they are deciding pay, including education, experience and quality of work. Taking those factors out of the equation will stifle growth and progress in every sector and industry across the state.”   

Today’s announcement comes as Governor John Hickenlooper continues to duck a Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) seeking the wage and gender of each person employed in the governor’s office.

In response to the request made by Compass Colorado, the governor’s counsel issued a letter stating that because “extenuating circumstances exist,” they will not provide any information until February 1, 2016– at which point they might still not fulfill the request.  

“It is not even clear if the women working in Governor Hickenlooper’s office are paid as highly as their male counterparts, but Democrats are once again sticking their thumbs in the eyes of job creators in an attempt to score cheap political points,” Maher added.  “Instead of forcing this illogical mandate, we should be advancing free-market policies that empower women to succeed.”