Samantha Davis
Colorado Health Exchange Chief Shuns Transparency, Snags Bonus and Raise
DENVER (May 13, 2014) The Denver Post yesterday reported that Colorado Health Exchange CEO Patty Fontneau received a $14,000 bonus as well as a 2.5% raise.  According to the report, Fontneau’s salary for this year will increase to $195,314, which makes her the third-highest paid executive of an independent state health exchange under Obamacare.

Fontneau’s raise and bonus conveniently come after the end of a session in which her organization, Connect for Health Colorado, came under scrutiny for its lack of transparency. Fontneau maintained that her organization was audited by the federal government, which was later proven to be not accurate.

“The Colorado Obamacare exchange has thwarted the openness and transparency we were promised at every turn,” said Kelly Maher, executive director, Compass Colorado. “It’s appalling that the health exchange failed to meet its goals, then Fontneau lied when telling the legislature that her organization had been audited by the federal government and avoided an independent audit. If this was a private business, someone would be trying to figure out how to file criminal charges, but because it’s a government agency, Fontneau gets a bonus.”  

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