Samantha Davis
Compass Files a Motion to Supplement Record in Hickenlooper Ethics Complaint
Additional evidence suggests that Democratic Governors Association fundraiser may have been partisan, as Compass originally suggested
DENVER (June 9, 2014)– Today, Compass Colorado’s legal team filed a motion to supplement the record in the ethics complaint it filed in 2013 against Democrat Governor John Hickenlooper. Last week, a Democratic Governors Association (DGA)-funded organization, Protect Colorado Values, embarked on a substantial media campaign to attempt to influence the Republican primary so that Governor Hickenlooper faces the candidate that the DGA would prefer he run against. 

The basis of the Compass Colorado complaint is that Governor Hickenlooper admitted he used state resources to help organize an event for the DGA in Aspen that raised money for the liberal organization.  Now the DGA is using those funds to support Governor Hickenlooper’s reelection campaign.

“The fact that a front group has been created by the Democrat Governor’s Association to help re-elect Governor Hickenlooper by engaging in the morally-questionable practice of attempting to sway the outcome of the opposite party’s primary election shows the committee has a primary purpose that is more than just ‘education’,” said Kelly Maher, executive director of Compass Colorado. “That the DGA is, again, using money raised with the help of Colorado state resources to support Hickenlooper’s campaign. This only underscores our argument that the DGA Aspen event was a primarily partisan event.”

In April, the Independent Ethics Commission voted to dismiss Compass Colorado’s complaint against Hickenlooper, but the IEC has not yet issued its order formalizing the decision, so the decision may be amended or changed by the IEC.