DENVER — As the Colorado Division Insurance announced a 20 percent rake hike for individual insurance policies, Colorado Department of Insurance commissioner Marguerite Salazar would only give one piece of advice for struggling Coloradans — “shop around.” 

Salazar’s advice comes despite the fact that there are fewer options in Colorado, since Obamacare has run several insurance companies out of the state, including UnitedHealthCare and Humana Insurance, with other companies significantly reducing several types of plans. The majority of options still available have also seen a significant price increase. 

“Too many Coloradans, especially those outside of the Denver Metro Area, are still struggling to make ends meet,”  Kelly Maher, executive director of Compass colorado said. “Now they will be forced to pay a 20 percent price hike for what is already one of the biggest parts of their budgets.
“A condescending bureaucrat like Salazar telling Colorado families a 20 percent rate increase in their health care costs is an opportunity to shop around is like telling passengers on the Titanic hitting the iceberg is an opportunity to test their swimming skills,” Maher concluded.