Jonathan Lockwood
Communications Director

Connect for Health Colorado, please don’t waste the next $7 million on marketing
DENVER (March 26, 2014)— Today, the Colorado Senate committee on Health and Human Services rejected a bill to expand a performance audit of Connect for Health Colorado, the state’s Obamacare exchange.

Earlier this week, The Denver Post reported the Colorado exchange spent nearly $8 million on marketing thus far. Now the exchange must determine in upcoming weeks if and how to spend an additional $7 million to continue marketing the exchange to Coloradans. 

To avoid wasting the next $7 million dollars after enrollment ends, Compass Colorado issued the following helpful hints to Colorado Connect for Health:

1. Don’t spend any more money on a custom wrapped RV to travel around Colorado pushing this health care scheme. What’s next, spinning rims?

2. We know you have thousands of packets of sunscreen… don’t use that as an excuse to throw an Obamacare pool party.

3. We know Memorial Day is coming up in the next couple months, and BBQ season is on its way. Please whatever you do, don’t have an Obamacare BBQ.

4. Don’t waste any more money on inflatable bouncy castles at enrollment events.

5. Spend the money on actual health care. (This one was an obvious no-brainer. The money could be better allocated, similar to Connect for Health Colorado’s CEO, Patty Fontneau’s desired bonus, to cover real expenses.)