DENVER — State Representative Daniel Kagan, D-Englewood, finds himself in hot water for backtracking on his support of Amendment 69, a multi-billion dollar socialized medicine tax increase proposal that Colorado voters will decide upon this November.

Kagan, a former teamster, is running for a state Senate seat this fall, and faces a formidable opponent in popular Arapahoe County Commissioner Nancy Doty. 

Perhaps due to the competitive nature of the race, Kagan recently told the Colorado Independent that he does not support Amendment 69, the hugely controversial ballot initiative that would effectively double Colorado’s budget through tens of billions of dollars of tax increases per year and create a complete government takeover of the health care system. Said Kagan:

“I believe in greater access to health care, but the more I learned about the details of this initiative the more concerned I became and the less I liked it. Not the least of which is the fact that it won’t fully cover women’s reproductive health.”

Kagan’s remarks would have hardly raised an eyebrow, but for the fact that he personally donated to the campaign behind the ballot measurebefore renouncing his support of it.

Kelly Maher, executive director of Compass Colorado, couldn’t help but laugh at Kagan’s about-face:

“Daniel Kagan is one of the most extreme liberals in the Colorado legislature, so it was hardly a surprise to see him give financial support to a measure that would completely drown state taxpayers. His flip-flop on this issue is clearly nothing more than a desperate attempt to salvage his political ambitions.

“Kagan has publicly stated he supports socialized medicine, but in the midst of a flailing campaign he has been reduced to lying about his true intentions for the people of Colorado.”