DENVER — The Democratic candidate for November’s CU Regent at Large race announced this week that she has accepted a six-figure job at the very university she is running to oversee.

Alice Madden, the former Democratic House Majority Leader, will take over as executive director of the Getches-Wilkinson Center for Natural Resources, Energy and the Environment at the University of Colorado’s law school on July 11th. The news would be of little note but for the fact that Madden is simultaneously running to become one of the nine regents who manage CU.

“If ever there was such a thing as a conflict of interest, this would be it,” noted Compass Colorado Executive Director Kelly Maher. “Madden’s new role as de facto environmental czar of the school is one thing, but she is running for an elected office that would in essence make her her own boss.

Alice is in wonderland if she won’t see this for what it is – disgusting self dealing from the consummate liberal machine politician.”