DENVER — A Colorado state representative and candidate for the state Senate recently revealed to The Denver Post that she and her colleagues are under strict orders not to take a public stance on the increasingly contentious debate on Amendment 69, the socialized medicine ballot measure that would double the state’s budget and drastically increase taxes.
Rep. Lois Court, D-Denver, a candidate for Senate District 31, recently participated in The Denver Post’s Voter Guide, a biannual question-and-answer platform that the newspaper offers to all candidates running for state and federal offices in Colorado. In her answers, Court revealed a stunning backroom order from her party leadership in the following exchange:
The Denver Post: “Do you support the ballot issue proposing to create a universal health care system in Colorado?”
Court: “I completely support the concept of universal health care, but I am concerned with putting so many complex details into our state constitution. Sen. [Irene] Aguilar [D-Denver] has requested that no current Democratic member (emphasis added) of the legislature take a public position on the ballot issue.”
Court’s comments, caught the attention of Compass Colorado Executive Director Kelly Maher:
“Court’s admission that Democrat legislators have been instructed to avoid addressing Amendment 69 is deeply embarrassing to liberals across the state. Either Democratic leadership thinks that the initiative will be a liability to Democrats this fall, or they believe Democrat support of the measure will be an impediment to its success. In either case, Amendment 69 spells bad news for Democrats.
“Voters across Colorado deserve to know where each of their lawmakers stand, and we will continue to work to reveal all elected officials’ positions on statewide socialized medicine.”