DENVER — The House of Representatives passed House Bill 1004, which would require a lone unaccountable state bureaucrat to create measurable goals and deadlines to combat climate change. The bill as written has no requirements that these goals be created with any say from energy rate payers or job creators. The bill, opposed by Colorado job creators, contains several holes, including the exact job description for the bureaucrat, how the goals will be created, enforced, and any limits on impact to citizens and job creators.

During testimony, neither sponsors Rep. Faith Winter, D-Westminster, nor Rep. Jeni Arndt, D-Fort Collins, were able to provide any information on how much the bill will cost the state government.
Kelly Maher, executive director of Compass Colorado, released the following statement regarding the bill: 

“It’s unfortunate that neither Reps. Winter and Arndt could answer basic questions about their bill that could potentially have huge ramifications on Colorado’s economy. Right now, we do not know if the lone bureaucrat empowered to make broad goals imposed across the board can force a carbon tax or fee on taxpayers, require families to make costly upgrades to their homes and cars, or compel small business owners to shut-down shop if they don’t meet certain standards.  Hopefully, the state Senate will stop this ill-thought bill before Coloradans are forced to endure what is sure to be a costly experiment.”