DENVER —Liberal Democrat state Sen. Jesse Ulibarri, D-Westminster, and Rep. Joseph Salazar, D-Thornton, have a long history of pushing legislation to hurt Colorado’s small business owners, and this year is no different. 

This afternoon, the Senate State, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee killed Senate Bill 33, also known as the “Scarlet Letter Bill.”  The bill, which was sponsored by both Ulibarri and Salazar, would force restaurants to post a notice on their door if they do not give their employees five or more paid sick days. 

“Only politicians who have no basic understanding of the economy would try to force through this illogical bill,” Kelly Maher, executive director of Compass Colorado said. “Sen. Ulibarri and Rep. Salazar are trying to bully every restaurant owner — regardless of their individual financial situations — to meet their costly demands or face financial ruin. Thankfully, wiser minds prevailed. Restaurant owners across the state can focus on serving great food, growing their businesses and taking care of their employees.”