DENVER (July 29, 2015) – It’s only been two months since Governor Hickenlooper admitted to looking for new ways to keep more of the taxpayers’ money in Colorado’s state coffers. Yet, an initiative from the Governor’s office is already proposing new and expanded government programs to spend state funds. This week, Hickenlooper unveiled a new initiative, Space to Create, Colorado. The new program will provide housing for artists across the state and according to the Associated Press:

“The definition of artist is quite generous — including architects, craft beer brewers and liquor distillers.”

Unlike other programs – structured as non-profits – aimed at providing affordable housing for artists, the Governor’s proposal will be structured as a public-private partnership with taxpayers footing at least part of the bill. Governor Hickenlooper is effectively taking a charitable cause and placing it under the umbrella of government rather than trusting in Coloradans to keep their own tax dollars to reivest in their communities as they see fit. From the same AP story:

“The plan, announced Monday by Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper, carries an uncertain price tag. The program is a public-private partnership, but it’s not clear how much private foundations will pay and how much the state will cover”

“Accessible and affordable housing for artists, and all Coloradans, is a laudable goal, but Governor Hickenlooper needs to carefully consider what is and is not the proper role of state government.” said Kelly Maher, executive director of Compass Colorado. “His role as Governor is not to force taxpayers to invest in his charitable pet projects. We’d all be better served if the taxpayers could keep their own money and choose for themselves the causes we each want to support.”