DENVER — The radical environmental issue committee, YES FOR HEALTH AND SAFETY OVER FRACKING, turned in petitions for two anti-fracking measures to the Colorado Secretary of State last week. Reports have surfaced that the petitions may be lacking, and efforts are likely driven by out of state interests, but we now know the operations are financed in large part by international money. 
According to the TRACER report, YES FOR HEALTH AND SAFETY OVER FRACKING, has accepted donations from individuals from the following countries – Netherlands, Denmark, Canada, Germany, Spain, Slovakia, Norway, Australia, UK, Malaysia and Iceland.

“Americans are deeply leery of allowing foreigners to influence our politics, which is why we don’t allow candidates in this country to accept international donations,” said Kelly Maher, executive director of Compass Colorado. “Foreigners don’t live with the consequences of our elections so they shouldn’t be meddling with our ballot.”