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Hickenlooper solicits partisan donations from the Governor’s office – uses state seal as backdrop 
UPDATE: Within two hours of the Compass Colorado release below, Governor Hickenlooper deleted the partisan fundraising video from his Facebook page. The Governor offered no explanation or apology on his page as to why it was posted. The deletion indicates the Governor is aware that conducting partisan political fundraising from his office inside the Capitol, and in front of the Colorado State Seal, was an improper use of state resources. Compass Colorado has posted a copy of the video and has updated the links in the release to point to our copy.


Denver – Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper posted a video to his Facebook page today soliciting donations to the highly partisan Democratic Senate Campaign Fund from his official office inside the Colorado State Capitol. The video is staged directly in front of the official Colorado State Seal within the office, and was clearly created to convey to viewers an air of official state business throughout the political pitch. 

Two years ago, one of Governor Hickenlooper’s staffers came under fire from Roxane White, Hickenlooper’s Chief of Staff, for using state resources for partisan campaigning. According to the Denver Post, White sent a missive to all staff that included:

“You may NEVER, EVER use State resources for campaign work,” White said in missive sent Thursday. “This includes conducting campaign business on your work computers or in the Capitol. 

[emphasis added] If you violate this policy, disciplinary action will be taken.”

“Governor Hickenlooper should heed the advice of his own former Chief of Staff and not use state resources and buildings to conduct campaign business,” said Kelly Maher, executive director of Compass Colorado. “Considering the fact his own staff has dealt with this exact issue and has been warned against it, the Governor’s ‘aww, shucks’ demeanor is not sufficient to plead ignorance. His own staff would be fired for such a violation.”