DENVER — This morning, the House of Representatives passed the state budget.  The measure which passed with bipartisan support, was far from perfect, as Democrats in the Colorado House of Representatives squashed three amendments that would have redirected millions of dollars to the state’s schools and infrastructure.  

One amendment, sponsored by Rep. Kit Roupe, R-Colorado Springs, would have taken $3 million of Colorado’s incentives to movie studios and transferred them to address critical deficiencies in state education and transportation.  Another amendment, sponsored by Rep. J. Paul Brown, R-Ignacio, would have redirected $5.75 million for education and transportation.   

Compass Colorado executive director Kelly Maher expressed befuddlement at House Democrats choosing Hollywood over Colorado’s children and infrastructure:

“This is a great opportunity for a statewide discussion about the proper role of government. Prioritizing incentives for movie studios over educational infrastructure and transportation isn’t in line with the values on mainstream Coloradans.”