Jonathan Lockwood
Communications Director
Individual mandate delay a failed political ploy
DENVER (March 13, 2013) — A quiet but critical decision by the Obama Administration to add a massive new exemption to the list of those accepted for the individual mandate tax penalty could be the stake to the heart of the individual mandate. The new “hardship” exemption renders the individual mandate, touted by Democrats for years as the lynchpin of Obamacare, effectively toothless and unenforceable.

“It’s clear President Obama is trying desperately to politically insulate the most ‘Endangered Senators’ including Senator Mark Udall, from the ramifications of their Obamacare sales pitch to constituents,” said Kelly Maher, executive director of Compass Colorado. “But Udall should give Coloradans more credit, we see that he’s just trying to kick the Obamacare can down the road to save his party’s political skin.”