Kelly Maher
Executive Director

Investigation reveals crony-contortions behind hotel tax scheme
DENVER (August 13, 2014) – An explosive investigation released by The Colorado Springs Gazette this weekend revealed yet more details of the bizarre crony-contortions behind the controversial Gaylord Hotel project in Aurora, Colorado.  The project included new special tax districts called “enhanced taxing districts” created by the Aurora City Council, and then voted in by a whopping majority of one, single, person. To complete the predictable farce, the additional tax revenue created by the districts will be funneled straight back to the hotel developer.

“This scheme combines crony-contortions with the exploitation of Colorado taxpayers,” said Kelly Maher, executive director of Compass Colorado. “The fact that an out-of-state developer can vote for the existence of a new tax district, with only a single person voting, then funnel those revenues straight back to that developer, is an egregious abuse of the voting and tax systems. Coloradans should all hold on to our wallets if this is allowed to stand, because the precedent will spread across our state.”