Samantha Davis
Left Views Hickenlooper as So Weak That It’s Desperate to Influence Republican Primaries
Worked for the Left in 2010, Doubling Down in 2014
DENVER (June 4, 2014) – Tonight, Complete Colorado broke the story that a new 527, Preserving Colorado’s Values, was formed by the left’s go-to registered agent, Julie Wells.  The apparent purpose of this independent expenditure committee is to influence the vote in the GOP gubernatorial primary.

According to an ad buy contract with KUSA, the organization bought $89,000 worth of ads.  While the organization bought ads at KUSA (Channel 9/NBC) and KMGH (Channel 7/ABC), only the amount at KUSA was available.  

“The left’s attempts to influence the outcome of the Republican gubernatorial primary election can only point to one thing – the left is deeply concerned about the ability of battered and bruised candidate, John Hickenlooper, to win in a general election,” said Kelly Maher, executive director of Compass Colorado. “But, the fact that the left appears to be spending approximately twice as much this year as in 2010 shows just how worried they are.”

This is not the first time that the left has played in Republican primaries to support the weaker Republican candidate in order to make the general election campaign easier.  In 2010, Pat Stryker teamed up with the Democratic Governor’s Association to buy approximately $50,000 worth of ads in the Republican primary in support of Dan Maes.  Maes’ primary victory ensured a leisurely stroll to the Governor’s mansion for Democratic Gov. Hickenlooper.

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