DENVER — The campaign to increase Colorado’s minimum wage to $12 an hour is working overtime to fix what it claims are “clerical errors.” Earlier today, Compass Colorado highlighted that the campaign reported 24 of their workers were paid less than the $12 an hour proponents are attempting to codify into the Colorado constitution.

“The union-funded campaign to force small business owners to fire some employees in order to give others a raise is clearly not ready for primetime,” Kelly Maher, executive director of Compass Colorado said. “It’s obvious the same campaign that mandates statewide raises for some employees, regardless of their work ethic or experience, is going through great accounting lengths to dispel rumors that they are not paying employees $12 an hour. Yet, they doth protest too much.”

The so called “Colorado Families for Fair Wage” issued a statement todayclaiming that they did, in fact, pay their petition gatherers $12 an hour, despite previously reporting to the Secretary of State that they did not. They claim an amendment report will be filed with the Secretary of State’s office today.

“The campaign has unlimited funds from the national unions who are trying to force through this minimum wage hike, and they still aren’t able to get their books in order,” Maher added. “Unfortunately, Colorado’s small businesses will not have the same financial support as the minimum wage hike proponents clearly enjoy from the big unions in order to comply with this unfunded mandate.”