Compass Colorado Will Ask Senator Michael Bennet To Reveal If His Allegiance is to Barack Obama & Far Left Or Mainstream Coloradans

DENVER — Calling President Obama’s nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court a “clear threat to create the most liberal Court majority in half a century,” Compass Colorado today called on Sen. Michael Bennet (D-Colorado) to clearly state whether he stands with the majority of Coloradans or whether he will “continue to do the bidding of the East Coast left-wingers with whom Bennet is far more at home.” 

Compass Colorado Executive Director Kelly Maher said the group will be greeting Bennet at his upcoming public events and asking him direct and substantive questions about the liberal record of Judge Merrick Garland, President Obama’s nominee to replace the late Justice Antonin Scalia. 
“It’s clear to Coloradans that Judge Garland would be a guaranteed vote to gut our Second Amendment freedoms and safeguard the Obama war on coal,” she said.  “Judge Garland is the last, best hope for Obama to succeed in his goal to fundamentally transform America – and not for the good of Americans.  We want to know if Senator Bennet stands with Colorado, or with the East Coast elite.” 

Maher said the lifetime Supreme Court appointment would “cement a far-left, anti-freedom agenda in American law for decades, and Coloradans need to know if they are to re-elect a Senator who supports this radical, special-interest plan for our nation’s future.”  


Compass Colorado engages citizens across the state in the political process through educational and awareness campaigns. Compass Colorado promotes government policies that protect Colorado taxpayers, working families and small businesses from higher taxes, drastic spending increases, unsustainable debt and government overreach.