Contact: Jonathan Lockwood
Communications Director

Obamacare kills nearly 250k Colorado health plans

DENVER (November 6, 2013)—Nearly a quarter million Coloradans have been thrown off their health care plans as of November 1, as reported by 9 News‘ Kyle Clark today. Only 3,408 have signed up for private plans under the exchanges thus far.

While promoting Obamacare across Colorado, U.S. Senator Mark Udall promised Coloradans if they liked their health care plans they could keep them.

Compass Colorado released the following statement:

“To have almost a hundred health plan cancellations for every exchange sign up in Colorado under Obamacare is exponentially worse than even the most extreme skeptic could have predicted,” according to Kelly Maher, executive director of Compass Colorado. “When Senator Udall promised Coloradans they could ‘keep their plan,’ he was either grossly misled by the leadership of his party or he was simply lying. Either way, it’s the job of a U.S. Senator to know better – and protect the best interest of his constituents – Senator Udall violated the public trust.”