Samantha Davis
Oil and gas measure negotiations stall: compromise held hostage
DENVER (May 5, 2014)– As the legislative session winds down, negotiations to create an oil and gas compromise bill have stalled. According to a press release by Democrat Representatives Dickie Lee Hullinghorst and Su Ryden:

“Our conversations have been productive, but we haven’t yet struck an accord with all of the stakeholders, and we’ve run out of time in this session to pass consensus legislation.”

Democrat Congressman Jared Polis – the notable backer of job-killing, effective fracking ban measures – played a key role in the negotiations. Parties on both sides were looking to Polis, as his measures held hostage a compromised outcome.

“Much has been made over criticisms of Jared Polis, whose job-killing oil and gas measures feel and look a lot like economic blackmail,” said Kelly Maher, executive director of Compass Colorado. “Polis’ push is totally irresponsible and many of us are wondering – does any one in the Democratic Party have the stones to stand up to his bullying?”

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