DENVER (December 3, 2015) – The Colorado Supreme Court denied Colorado Governor Hickenlooper’s request to hear a petition for his challenge to Attorney General Cynthia Coffman’s EPA suit today. 

In a flailing attempt to spin the denial, Hickenlooper spokeswoman Kathy Green told Christopher Osher and Joey Bunch of the Denver Post:

“The Supreme Court left undecided whether the attorney general can legally bring federal lawsuits on behalf of Colorado without the governor’s authority. The Court did not deny the importance of this issue nor did it uphold the legality of the attorney general’s actions.”

The Court refusing to hear the case is a strong statement in and of itself. 

“Someone needs to tell Governor Hickenlooper that the Court’s denial to hear the case is a strong ‘no’,” said Kelly Maher, executive director of Compass Colorado. “The Governor needs to realize that the Attorney General is an autonomous statewide elected official onto herself. He doesn’t get to be the boss of everybody.”