DENVER — Few legislators have gone after small business owners more than state Sen. Morgan Carroll, D-Aurora. Today, the liberal trial lawyer who is running for Colorado’s 6th Congressional District, unsuccessfully tried to mandate that all private employers provide employees sick time. The measure failed to pass the Senate State, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee.
In 2011, Democrat Gov. John Hicknelooper vocally opposed a similar ballot measure that was up for a vote in Denver. When asked about the paid sick leave ballot measure, Hickenlooper said: ”If anything, it’s going to cost jobs.” The ballot measure ended up failing in Denver 64 to 36 percent.  
Kelly Maher, executive director of Compass Colorado’s released the following statement regarding Carroll’s latest antibusiness bill: 

“This measure is not only a costly mandate on job creators, but it will cost the state thousands of jobs. Either Morgan Carroll doesn’t understand the way our economy works, or she doesn’t care. Regardless, she’s clearly not ready for primetime.”