DENVER — Earlier this month marked the date for all Colorado candidates and initiatives to submit their financial disclosure forms to the Secretary of State.

Advocates of ColoradoCare, the socialized medicine initiative that would increase taxes on Coloradans by a staggering 10 percent, failed to comply with this routine procedure, and were issued a letter of delinquency by the Secretary of State’s office.

Kelly Maher, Executive Director of Compass Colorado, couldn’t help but relish the irony:

“Proponents of this measure seek to create a new $38 billion massive bureaucracy that would create their own red-tape, deadlines, and fine structures to impose on all Coloradans – yet they can’t even file the most mundane of documents as required by current law.

This letter would generally be considered a routine filing mishap if not for the irony the proponents of this measure want to take over the state’s entire health care system and create their own bureaucracy. If we can’t trust the proponents of a huge government takeover of our health care system to file documents properly with a simple campaign, how can we trust them to run a complex socialized medicine scheme?”