Denver – Colorado State Senator Laura Woods received a terrifying threat this weekend when an Arvada man sent her a Facebook message stating “maybe we should shoot you and your Ugly a** family straight in the face” as part of a hateful diatribe. Senator Woods, who lives with her son, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren, feared for their safety. 

“For candidates across the state and across the country, the decision to run for office and enter into public life should always be about what she can add to the dialogue, and what she can do to make her constituent’s lives better,” said Kelly Maher, executive director of Compass Colorado. “This man stole that from Senator Woods, he made it about whether she was putting her grandchildren’s safety at risk. In that heinous act, he stole something from all of us. Qualified candidates of every political stripe will think twice about entering into public service if they think they’re putting themselves and their loved ones at risk.” 

As a mother and grandmother, Senator Woods has fought for Colorado families. In the last legislative session, Senator Woods ran a bill to require insurance companies to cover the cost of medical formula for babies who are born with allergies that include even their mother’s own breast milk. She has placed her emphasis as a public servant on caring for Colorado’s most vulnerable populations, and now has to wonder if that service has put her own grandchildren at risk.

“If there’s one message we want to send to Laura Woods, it’s ‘thank you’ and ‘we stand with you.’” said Kelly Maher.