Samantha Davis
Westminster City Council to consider controversial political maneuver against landlords tonight
April 28, 2014 (WESTMINSTER, Colo.) – This evening, the Westminster City Council will consider a controversial measure to require apartment buildings to include voter registration information in leasing packets for new renters under penalty of fine. Although the measure is billed by proponents as a way to increase civic participation, it is little more than a transparent ploy by city councilmembers to further their own political interests. Faith Winter, the Westminster Mayor Pro Tem, is the primary proponent of the measure and also a candidate for Colorado House District 35.

During the study session on April 7, 2014, in which the measure was discussed, some city council members asked Winter why she would want to promote voter registration of just renters, and not everyone in the city. Another councilmember, Anita Seitz, even joked at the session that they could include information to vote for her, which further confirmed suspicions the measure is less about civic participation and more about naked political ambition.

“Now is not the time to increase paperwork or regulation on any Colorado business,” said Kelly Maher, executive director of Compass Colorado. “This measure is clearly about the Westminster City council members trying to win elections, not about  ‘civic participation’ as they claim. Citizens of Westminster should be disappointed in their city councilmembers.”

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