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Eerie Erie

Serious sketchball antics in the Erie election. More reports of toxic situations at the Capitol are filtering out of the building so staff and interns got a warning email about talking to READ MORE

En Fuego

The Democrat primary for Governor is just getting more and more interesting every day. Now it looks like Controlly-McControllerson "I can tell you how to live your life - and how READ MORE


Kyle Clark brings the FIIIIIRE. Oh, the teacher's union opposes a bill to actually help make PERA sustainable? #Shock Dems on twitter got CALLED OUT by ColoradoPolitics reporter Ernest Luning. Brutal. READ MORE

Straw Poll

Caucuses seemed way more chill this year than 2016. Cary Kennedy swept the Democrat caucus preference straw poll, it wasn't even close. What does that say about Jared Polis? Well, READ MORE
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