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You will obey with your canvas bag . . .

Well, well, well - looks like the Democrats will be proposing a 25 cent bag tax in this legislative session. Just in case you were wondering if they somehow magically READ MORE

They’re going to FeelTheBern in new and ouchie ways

The Denver Post Ed Board condemned the protesters who camped out in front of Cory Gardner's house on New Year's Eve. Good for the Post. I wonder how all those FeelTheBern READ MORE

Advertising trying to steal property

Greg Smith, the Executive Director of PERA, Colorado's public sector retirement association, died unexpectedly Tuesday night at the age of 56. He had a talent for connecting with people even when READ MORE

Ask Me Anything

State Rep. Dan Nordberg is leaving the legislature to take a position with the SBA. Jared Polis' Reddit AMA (ask me anything) raised some eyebrows about when he's going to get READ MORE
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