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Sitting in Durango

Boulderite and anti-gunner Shannon Watts showed her liberal elitism in the most condescending way.  Joe Salazar won't commit to supporting anyone not named Joe Salazar. Don't go sitting in Durango.  READ MORE

Apple Wrecking Ball

Jared Polis made an ad where he took a sandwich he made for his son and put it straight into the lunchbox. Is this a big deal? No. But does it READ MORE

Stand and Fight

Tillemann-Dick will stand and fight after his analysis of the polling data.  By popular demand (see? I DO read your emails): PERA fixes include some good reforms - and a wrong READ MORE


Sadly, Aurora Mayor Steve Hogan passed yesterday after a short but fierce battle with cancer. Levi Tillemann-Dick says he will drop out of the race to lose to Mike Coffman if READ MORE
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