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Two SCOTUS hearings and a national aspirant

If you were wondering if John Hickenlooper still has his sights on higher (presidential) office, he's clearly attempting to raise his national profile by ... READ MORE

If a protester doesn’t take selfies, does it make a sound?

If a social justice warrior wears a trite costume in protest but doesn't spend the whole time tweeting selfies it doesn't count. Check out this video ... READ MORE

Infighting, glitter bombs, and early money

Shannon Watts - Bloomberg gun grabber - tweeted her complaint that the Dem establishment has "crowned Neguse" to run against the Republican to replace Jared Polis in congress. Grassroots v ... READ MORE

Teacher gun training makes lefties go cray

Despite (or because of?) Governor Hickenlooper's thinly veiled threats to Anthem earlier this month, they have announced they will stay in Colorado's health care exchange for another year. Some Colorado ... READ MORE
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