Serious sketchball antics in the Erie election. More reports of toxic situations at the Capitol are filtering out of the building so staff and interns got a warning email about talking to ... READ MORE
The Democrat primary for Governor is just getting more and more interesting every day. Now it looks like Controlly-McControllerson "I can tell you how to live your life - and how ... READ MORE
Kyle Clark brings the FIIIIIRE. Oh, the teacher's union opposes a bill to actually help make PERA sustainable? #Shock Dems on twitter got CALLED OUT by ColoradoPolitics reporter Ernest Luning. Brutal ... READ MORE
Caucuses seemed way more chill this year than 2016. Cary Kennedy swept the Democrat caucus preference straw poll, it wasn't even close. What does that say about Jared Polis? Well, ... READ MORE

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Today, the rally calling for Mayor Hancock's resignation will occur at about 9:30am. The Fraternal Order of Police has joined the chorus asking for the mayor to step down. Coloradan and ... READ MORE
One of the candidates running in the Democrat primary for the privlige to be beaten by Rep. Mike Coffman has a message for gun owners - and for those of us who ... READ MORE
The House voted to expel Rep. Steve Lebsock on Friday, and moments before the vote, he changed his party affiliation from Democrat to Republican. Many think the immediate pivot and focus on the ... READ MORE
Despite efforts to delay it, all eyes are on the cap today to see what they're going to do on the vote to expel Lebsock from the House. Meanwhile, the Employers ... READ MORE
Former Senator Michael Johnston might have been first to turn in his petitions but Cary Kennedy just got another endorsement. Why is the Democrat Governor's Association going to spend whatever it ... READ MORE
Oh lookie lookie, you get a cookie . . . Tom Steyer is helping fund the opposition to the recall of a La Plata County Commissioner who is basically a climate ... READ MORE
That major movie studio in Parker? Maybe not. The Longmont Housing Authority finally ousted the chief. Higher Ed favorability numbers have taken a nosedive, particularly with conservatives. Hmmmmm, I wonder if ... READ MORE
Oh, so you were hoping for regulatory reform this session? The City of Boulder is considering the "potential costs and risk" of filing a climate change lawsuit. Sigh. More than 1,000 ... READ MORE