State Rep. Dan Nordberg is leaving the legislature to take a position with the SBA. Jared Polis' Reddit AMA (ask me anything) raised some eyebrows about when he's going to get ... READ MORE
The Democrat circular firing squad fires again. Don't take it for granted that everyone is all on #TeamPolis - because it looks like some big donors are still behind Johnston ... READ MORE
The Durango Herald says that an "errant cow" is not a reason for more oil and gas regulations. They're correct. Also, "The Errant Cows" would be a great band name ... READ MORE
Senator Bennet called for Franken to step down after theresignation speech was scheduled. Brave. Plus, politics is once again back in sports ... READ MORE

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Los Angeles is on track to become the largest marijuana market in the country. Maybe some of the people who can't drive in the snow will move back there? ... READ MORE
There's nothing more Christmas-y than liberal protesters rewriting Christmas carols for their protests. I bet lots of minds were changed with that one. The lawsuit granting the Colorado River personhood has been ... READ MORE
Today is Colorado Gives Day. Compass Colorado works all day, every day to fight for a more free Colorado. Please consider donating today ... READ MORE
The advantage of a primary for the Dem spot in the Governor's race is that at least they're all having to expose exactly how far left they really are ... READ MORE
The Lebsock drama has now culminated with a member of his own party drafting a resolution to expel him from the legislature. Really ... READ MORE
Basically every candidate who has signed on to this idea either doesn't have personal money or can't raise it . . . just saying ... READ MORE
Jared Polis campaigning on school property? During school hours? Plus, Sen. Cory Gardner is taking on the trainwreck-disaster-circus that has been the VA ... READ MORE
Jared Polis went after the Hickenlooper (ergo, Lynne) administration's political "revolving door." It's a little in-the-weeds, but high political drama ... READ MORE