DENVER - This morning an article in The Denver Post announced Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper has taken the “extraordinary” step of endorsing Phil Weiser in the Democrat primary for Colorado Attorney ... READ MORE
Several reporters and editors from The Denver Post are starting a new blockchain news organization - The Colorado Sun. We shall see how this new endeavor pans out. Primary primary ballot ... READ MORE
Colorado Peak Politics digs further into polling numbers in the Republican primary. Could it come down to the wire? Cory Gardner says that Donald Trump "deserves praise" for his recent ... READ MORE
Levi Tillemann Dick just pepper sprayed himself to get attention. It's like watching an episode of Jackass. (Denver Post - paid link - sorry) - Another Denver tax increase? This one will ... READ MORE

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A new Magellan poll this morning shows Walker Stapleton currently still holds a commanding lead in the Republican gubernatorial primary. This poll was conducted even after second-place contender Victor Mitchell started attack ads, ... READ MORE
New polls in the Democratic primary show have conflicting frontrunners - but the one with Polis in the lead has transparent methodology.  Democrat candidates are accusing one another of breaking their ... READ MORE
One former member of the Colorado Civil Rights Commission said she would never have made comments about religion justifying discrimination in the case of the Masterpiece Cake case had she known ... READ MORE
The ads are starting . . . and some are lamer than others. Endorsements in the primaries are starting to come out, and there are no real surprises on the Republican ... READ MORE
The Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the Masterpiece Cake Shop in Colorado.  Dems met up to debate how to deal with the state's skyrocketing homeless problem, and didn't ... READ MORE
Well, the Democrat gubernatorial primary has gone negative. A new PAC, Teachers for Kennedy, has come out with a major ad buy ($1.1m) framing Kennedy as the pro-education candidate and portraying ... READ MORE
Apparently, congressional candidate Levi Tillemann-Dick thinks elk are made of Kevlar. If this were true we would totally make bullet-proof vests with elk hides. The cops were called on a lemonade ... READ MORE
The recall effort of a La Plata County Commissioner fell short by just 36 signatures. Colorado now has a new National Veterans Cemetary. People are watching less local news television ... READ MORE