Denver, CO – Tomorrow, Colorado’s Title Board will meet for an initial hearing on a proposed initiative to fully repeal the Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR). The initiative, dubbed “the nuclear option,” would do away with all of TABOR’s provisions including the portion that requires tax increases be passed by a vote of the people – a concept praised by both former Governor Hickenlooper as well as current Governor Jared Polis.

The language in the proposed initiative is especially striking for its brevity, as it consists of only one line:  “Section 1. In the constitution of the state of Colorado, REPEAL section 20 of article X.”

The Title Board is the clearinghouse committee to approve the language of potential upcoming statewide initiatives. This initiative has largely flown under the radar because most political observers are solely focused on the start of the legislative session. The filing for this initiative was received on January 4th, the same day as the start of the legislature and several days before Sec. Griswold even took office.

Both major statewide tax increase proposals on Colorado’s ballot in 2018 failed by substantial margins, despite sweeping Democrat victories.

Compass Colorado’s Adam Johnson said, “It is clear that Democrats do not believe the voters can make informed decisions on tax and spend issues. Their solution to this problem?  Circumvent the voters altogether. Problem solved.”

“The actors behind this initiative believe they know better than Coloradans what’s good for them,” said Kelly Maher. “What a patronizing way to look at the voters.”