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Polis should call on Melton to resign

Denver, CO - On the heels of the recent revelations that Colorado state Rep. Jovan Melton was arrested twice on domestic violence charges, Compass Colorado is asking why Jared Polis has not demanded Melton's resignation. Polis and Melton’s friendship is documented all over various social media sites, so this latest revelation must be upsetting to

October 10th, 2018|Press Release|

Socialist mascot Bernie Sanders to campaign for Polis

DENVER - Despite Jared Polis’ constant attempts to frame himself as a moderate, socialist figurehead Bernie Sanders has announced plans to campaign in Colorado for Polis. This clearly demonstrates Polis’ two-fold problem: he is not the moderate he claims to be, and he also recognizes a lack of voter enthusiasm with his Democrat base. “We

October 9th, 2018|Press Release|

Jared Polis demonstrates in debates he wants it both ways

DENVER - On the heels of the initial gubernatorial debates, a theme has emerged from Jared Polis on how he would govern: he wants it both ways. Polis has continuously advocated for massive expansions of government - his health care, education, and energy programs will all require multi-billion dollar state revenue increases to implement in

October 8th, 2018|Press Release|

Release the names of Congressional hush fund benefactors

Denver, CO – Compass Colorado is calling on Jared Polis to immediately demand the release of congressional members names who have settled sexual misconduct claims with compensation from the now infamous “congressional hush fund”. To demand anything less would an insult to all #MeToo survivors that phony Polis claims to so adamantly support. “Jared is

October 5th, 2018|Press Release|

Jared Polis’ education policy leaves teachers empty-handed

DENVER- Even though Jared Polis regards himself as the education candidate in Colorado’s gubernatorial race, his record on the State Board of Education points to a much different conclusion. New teacher application fees spiked 65% during Polis’ six-year tenure on the board. These increases costed new teachers applying for licensure at least $1.89M each year and

October 4th, 2018|Press Release|

Jared Polis fails to stand up for law enforcement officers

Denver, CO - Compass Colorado is calling attention to Jared Polis' recent vote against making police officers a protected class under national hate crime statute, and demanding Polis explain what can only be described as contempt for men and women in blue. In May 2018, Jared Polis raised eyebrows by refusing to support police officers

October 3rd, 2018|Press Release|

Phony Polis’ faux opposition to Prop 112

Denver, CO – Throughout his career, Jared Polis has always been an adamant supporter of oil and gas setback limits. He has supported crippling one of Colorado’s most important industries with his prior endorsement of similar proposals, substantially funding ballot measures to restrict or ban the practice entirely, and even has filed legal injunctions to

September 28th, 2018|Press Release|

Jared Polis’ past assault?

  Denver, CO – Today, the Washington Free Beacon released a story highlighting an alleged assault by Democrat gubernatorial candidate Jared Polis against a female employee in the late 1990’s. A subsequent restraining order was granted against Polis over the incident. This revelation reveals a dark side to Polis’ temperament which should concern all Colorado voters. “The type controlling behavior described

September 25th, 2018|Press Release|

Polis’ pet unicorns and health care plan

Denver, CO – Once again, Jared Polis has been caught giving wildly conflicting responses to questions about critical policy proposals. When pressed for answers as to how Congressman Polis intends to pay for the “Medicare for all” program he touts at every turn, Mr. Polis suggested an increase in payroll taxes would fund the proposal.

September 21st, 2018|Press Release|

Polis’ plan heavy on jargon, light on substance

DENVER, CO - Congressman and gubernatorial candidate Jared Polis released more “details” of his health care proposal yesterday. His proposal to address one of the most critical issues facing Colorado families still misses the mark in deeply concerning ways. Still lacking is any substantive plan for paying for this massive shift toward government-run health care.

September 18th, 2018|Press Release|